In 1996 I started researching dog breeds. I planned to buy a condominium and wanted a dog that wasn't large or noisy. The Basenji seemed to fit the bill. I decided to get an adult Basenji through rescue. The local Basenji Club got me in contact with Sam Anderson who had a rescue available for adoption. I met her and "Eddie", a brindle Basenji, at the Puyallup dog show. I decided to adopt him. I moved in the condo in February of 1997 and got my new Basenji. He was renamed "Cirrus". I also joined the Evergreen Basenji Club. Melody Russell became my mentor.
   In October I received a call about a female Basenji needing a temporary home. I had room for another dog and was willing to foster her. She was found wandering by a women in Puyallup who lived in a apartment that did not allow dogs. I went and picked her up. In short order her identity was determined and Brenda Jones-Greenberg who was her breeder called me and told me if I was not going to keep her that she would make arrangement to fly her to Phoenix. I decided to keep her after she bonded to me after only a few days and renamed her "Ruby". I would later get to know Brenda better when I was invited to stayed at her house during the 1999 Basenji Club of America National Specialty.
   "Ruby" was only three generations out of Africa and was descended from the Avongara line. I became interested in her background and in other Basenji imports from the past. The Basenjis history in Africa also became an interest of mine. I became involved with the BCOA African Stock Project and helped get it on the web.
   I moved into a house in March of 2006, making it possible for me to have two more dogs. In February and March of 2006 I traveled in Cameroon with Brenda Jones-Greenberg to see the aboriginal dogs and we brought back seven dogs. Three came home with me.  I kept two and one went to another home.
   Agility is one of the preformance events that I have been involved in. My first dog I tried in competition was Cirrus. Although I never got a leg in any of the trails I entered with him, I enjoyed the challenge of running him and training. My current agility dog is Ebop. My experience with Cirrus has made it much easier for me to train her.
   I am member of the Basenji Club of America and the Evergreen Basenji Club.


Dibu Basenjis

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