Call Name: Chaka
Sex: Female
Color: Mahogany tri
Approximate Date of Birth: November 2005
Date Acquired: February 15, 2006
Date of Importation into U.S.: March 21, 2006
Area discovered in Africa: Cameroon - south of Ntem river and north of border with Equatorial Guinea. Was acquired just across the road from where Nsana was found.
Importers: Brenda Jones-Greenberg and James E Johannes
Owners: Formely Brenda Jones-Greenberg and James E Johannes, now Alexander and Anna Johnson

Litters Produced:

January 24, 2007 - 3 males (1 died). Breeder: Brenda Jones-Greenberg
Sire: Jengi Buea

-In Cameroon-

February 19, 2006

March 2, 2006
 Chaka's head and wrinkles
March 7 , 2006
March 13, 2006
March 19, 2006

-In the U.S.-

Chaka in U.S. photo: Sandy Beaudion
September 27, 2006 - photo: Sandy Beaudion



Dibu Basenjis

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