The Kongo people see the cosmos divided into “this world” (nza yahi) and “the land of the dead” (nsi a bafwa). It is thought that one place the land of the dead can be found is in the forest. Cemeteries
are usually located in the forest. The forest, it is believed, is the village of the dead and the wild animals are their livestock. To see both worlds one must have four eyes to see this world as well as the other. Dogs are thought to have this ability because they live in the village with their masters but also hunt in the forest. Some say that on the way to the village of the dead one passes through the village of the dogs.

Niam Niam (Azande) village
Niam Niam hamlet on the Diamvonoo
(The Heart of Africa by Dr. Georg Schweinfurth, 1874)

Here are our dogs who have gone on into the forest. I will see you again when it is my turn to enter the forest.

~ Fom ~

January, 2006  -  February 27, 2006

~ Nsana ~
November, 2005  -  December 30, 2008

~ Ruby ~
January 11, 1995 - December 27, 2009

Cirrus ~
July 18, 1995 - December 18, 2010


Dibu Basenjis

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