Jengi (jan•gee) is the Baka (pygmy) spirit god of the forest. The Baka live in the southeastern rainforest of Cameroon. We decided this would be an appropriate name to use for the native african dogs imported from Cameroon. On March 21, 2006 seven imports landed at the Dallas/Fort Worth airport after flying out of Douala, Cameroon via Zurich, Switzerland. Four will be residing with Brenda, while two will be with me and the seventh living with Paul Root and Bill Bowlus. Brenda choose most of the Jengi dogs. Her choices are varied. Most came out of southern Cameroon; one came out of the southwestern province.

Area the Jengi Basenjis were found.

We would like to thank Emmanuelle Occansey for allowing us to kennel our dogs at her house during our stay in Buea. The help we received in Zurich from Alexander Schmid of Pro Air Ltd. and from Mark Boesch of American Airlines in getting us and our dogs through the regulations and on another flight when we were delayed.

James E Johannes and Brenda Jones-Greenberg



Dibu Basenjis

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