Basenji Club of America

Basenji Club of America (BCOA). United States parent club for the Basenji dog breed. Affiliated with the American Kennel Club.


Evergreen Basenji Club

Evergreen Basenji Club (EBC). Basenji club located in the State of Washington (Seattle / Tacoma). Affiliated with the BCOA.

Online Lists and References
Mafaili Ya Basenji. Web's largest "Basenji Reference Library".  
Other Local Kennels
Baraka Basenji
Baraka Basenjis. Paul Root and Bill Bowlus.
Jumoke Basenjis
Jumoke Basenjis. Bryan and Laurie Gregory.
Imports from Africa

African Stock Project

African Stock Project. Basenji breeders found they needed to add more diversity to the limited gene pool of domestic Basenjis in the United States. The project provides information on the 1987-88 imports from N.E. Zaire, Africa and their direct descendants. It also includes previous and current imports from Africa.

BCOA Native Stock Committee 

The Newest African Imports.The BCOA requested that the AKC reopen the stud register recent Basenji imports from Africa. This request was granted in 2008 and the stud book will be allowed to remain open until the end of 2013. Pictures and information is available on this site on the African Imports that have been put forward by their owners to be considered for registration.
  Calypso Basenjis
Dharian Basenjis

Article in The Yolder
Avuvi Project.  Robert Dean facilitated the importation of village dogs from Benin in 2004. The goal of the project is to maintain a small, viable population of aboriginal dogs from West Africa.


Planned breeding of Avuvi Afonhaan
and Avuvi Enagnon.


Lukuru Basenjis

Lukuru Basenji Conservateurs. Dr. Jo Thompson acquired several Basenjis from a remote region in and around the Salonga Park, Democratic Republic of Congo. This site will track their development and progeny.
Other Breeds in Africa
Azawakh Azawakh. North African sighthound has been imported to Europe and to the U.S.
  Sloughi African Imports Shi' Ryan Sloughi's African imports  
  Africanis Africanis Society of Southern Africa. This organization was started by Johan Gallant and Dr Udo Küsel (director of the National Cultural History Museum) to preserve the southern African native dogs. The organization maintains a code of ethics, guidelines for breeding, regulations and a procedure for registration, and a register of inspected and approved Africanis dogs.  
Wild Dogs of Africa

The Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Programme is a WildCRU (Oxford University) endeavour to help protect these Endangered canids and the Afroalpine habitats they inhabit. It works under an agreement with Ethiopia's Wildlife Conservation Department and Regional Governments, with the aegis of the IUCN Canid Specialist Group.
African Wild Dog Conservancy The African Wild Dog Conservancy is dedicated to working with local communities, and national and international stakeholders to conserve wild dogs through scientific research and education.
Preserving Genetic Diversity and Health in the Dog
  Society for Canine Genetic Health and Ethics



Society for Canine Genetic Health and Ethics is a Finnish organization concerned with Canine Genetic Health and Breeder ethics aimed at providing better welfare for dogs.  


American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation  funds research and supports canine health scientists and professionals in their efforts to study the causes and origins of canine disease and afflictions in order to formulate effective treatments


Basenji Health Endowment
The Basenji Health Endowment promotes, furthers and facilitates health research that will benefit and help to ensure the continued survival of the Basenji dog as an unique breed.
Performance Events 


American Sighthound Field Association

American Sighthound Field Association (ASFA). Lure coursing association.

The North American Dog Agility Council (NADAC). Formed in 1993 to promote the sport of agility in North America.  


Dibu Basenjis

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