I will be traveling to South Sudan in 2015. Veronica Tudor-Williams who was one of the earliest founders of the Basenji breed outside of Africa traveled to Sudan in 1959 with Michael Hughes-Hall and John Rybot. They acquired two Basenji puppies, one around Yambio and the other  around Nzara. I plan to go to Nzara and travel around in the area looking for two puppes to acquire and bring out.

Getting There (Feb 11-13)

I will be flying to Entebbe via United Airlines and Ethiopian Airlines. Travel will be from Seatac to San Francisco. From San Francisco to Dulles. Dulles to Addis Abba and then on to Entebbe. I will be staying at the Red Chilli Hideaway in Kampala.

Murchison Falls Safari (Feb 14 - 16)

Red Chilli also does safaris and for the next two and half days I will be doing a safari in Murchison Falls National Park. The first day will be travel up to the park with a stop at Marindi. It was at the Marindi Hotel that Bogart and Hepburn stayed during filming of the African Queen in Uganda along Lake Albert. This is where the opening scenes were filmed at the church in which a Basenji is briefly seen sitting with the people in the church. I will be staying in a tent at the Red Chilli Camp in the park. The next day we will cross the Nile and travel around on the north side of the delta area. In the afternoon we will go on a boat trip up the Nile to Murchison Falls. The last day we will again travel around the north side of the delta and then travel east to Karuma Falls for noon lunch.

Travel to Nzara (Feb 16-17)

While the rest of the Safari group will return to Kampala I will be picked up by Hassan with a Toyota Land Cruiser at Karuma Falls for the drive to Juba. We will cross at Nimule and will be staying overnight at the AFEX Camp located along the White Nile. George Clooney has stayed here when he was in South Sudan. The next day we will travel via Mundri to Nzara. We will be staying at the Episcopal Church of Sudan in Nzara compound. They will be providing a tukul with two beds and meals.

My ride to Nzara

My route to Nzara

Travel around Nzara (Feb 18-22)

I plan to travel out of Nzara on the Sakure Road, Ndormo Road and Kaptua Highway to do a preliminary look at the dogs.  I hope to get as close as Doruma as possible without crossing the border. Jon Curby said the dogs in that area looked very typy. Some refugees from the DRC are living in Sakure and it is possible they brought their dogs. I will then travel back to the area I thought the dogs looked the best and try to acquire two puppies.

Area around Nzara

Travel back to Kampala (Feb 23-24)

We will travel back to Juba and stay at the AFEX Camp. In the morning drive to Kampala. Depending on how late we arrive we will try to drop off the puppies at the Vetluv Clinic or they will stay in my room at Red Chilli Hideaway and be dropped off at the clinic in the morning.

  Kampala (Feb 25-26)

Visit puppies and see some sights in Kampala.

Going Home (Feb 26-27)

Fly out of Entebbe in the evening to Addis Abba. Fly on for fuel stop in Rome. On to Dulles and then Seattle.

 Getting my puppies (Late March or early April)

The puppies will stay at Vetluv Clinic for 30 days after their rabies shot. They will be flown out of Entebbe on KLM to Amsterdam and then to Seattle.

Dibu Basenjis

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