Basenjis usually breed once year in the fall. Puppies are available late fall or winter. Sometimes there are summer litters.

What to expect when getting a puppy from Dibu Basenjis

You can fill out an introduction when a litter is announced to be put on the wait list.
When the puppies are on the ground then those on the wait list will be contacted to reserve puppies.
At 10 weeks the puppies can be picked up and taken to their new homes. Puppies are not shipped and pickup must be made in person.
At pickup you will be provided with a Sales Contract that includes a care clause and health guarantee. A limited or full AKC registration. Health information on your puppy and how to care for your puppy.

Litter Announcement

No current litters planned.

Past Litters

Seven puppies were born 1/7/18. Two red/white males and five tricolor females.

SIRE: No Ka Oi's Pono Pride Kalani
Health Tests
Color: Red and White (tri factored)
Temperament: Kalani is right up there wanting to meet someone. He is not one to ignore a new person and wants them to give him attention.

DAM: Avongara Kiri
Health Tests
Pennhip Results (average for Basenji is .46)
Color: red and white (tri-factored)
Temperament: Kiri will approach strangers and check them out. She is not the type of dog that will be all over someone but will warm up to someone she gets to know.

Kiri and KalaniKiri and Kalani