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Travel in Africa

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I have traveled three times to Africa in search of Basenjis to bring back to the United States. The purpose is to add genetic diversity to the Basenji gene pool. My first trip was to Cameroon which is the area of origin where the Basenji type dog traveled with Bantu people into the rainforest and moved east with what would become the Zande people. Unfortunately, the influence of European dogs was extensive in Cameroon. The next trip was to central Congo up the Maringa River where two of the dogs we acquired were registered in the AKC Stud Book. My last trip was to Nzara, South Sudan. This is where one of the earliest Basenji breeder, Veronica Tudor-Williams, acquired Fula during her 1959 trip to Sudan. I acquired a male and female. Unfortunately the male died in quarantine.

For those interested in traveling to Africa in search of native dogs please ask to join the Facebook group A Basenji African Safari.


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